Why We March

Friday, January 18, 2019

You didn’t want heaven without us
So Jesus you brought heaven down
My sin was great, your love was greater
What could separate us now
What a wonderful name it is 
What a wonderful name it is 
The name of Jesus Christ my King

As I type these words, I am seated in a bumpy bus on my way to Washington DC. Not for the sake of travel—as much as I love to explore—but as a reminder.

Earlier this year I was outside Heritage Clinic for Women when I saw [who we'll call] Bri for the first time. Bri was a young college grad with so much ahead of her. At that time in her life, she was working toward getting the job of her dreams, had a boyfriend she loved, and a close-kint family. Sounds rather picturesque, but nine weeks to the day we met, Bri's life seemed to begin to unravel.

Those two blue lines threatened to change everything. The words she did not want to hear as an unmarried young woman were suddenly a reality.

“I’m Pregnant.”

This could not be. Bri grew up in a conservative family that would surely be very angry when they found out she’d been with her boyfriend. And would he leave her? What would come of her dreams?

On her way into the abortion clinic, I waved to her, hoping she would put her window down so we could talk.

Bri did her best to ignore us and keep driving, determined to put it all in the past.

We always pray radically for life. I often ask the Lord that NOT ONE child would die anywhere in the world by abortion, as I stand outside the clinic of death.

That day I saw deliverance.

I noticed that she was making her way back out to the car just a little while after entering Heritage. Either she had been administered the abortion pill or she decided not to go through with it, because surgical abortions take longer than the amount of time she had been inside.

Oh the seeds of hope growing in my heart.

Maybe, just maybe the little soul in Bri's womb would have a chance at life.

Coming to the exit of the abortion clinic,  Bri rolled her window down and began to sob.

“I just couldn’t go through with it.”

Oh praise the Name.

Sometimes I feel the weight of it all as a sidewalk counselor; that 9 week old baby was only minutes away from having his life violently stolen away. But his mom had mercy on his little life. And they both walked away alive that day.

Another sidewalk counselor and I got to be right there with Bri as those tears fell, comforting her and encouraging her that she had made such a beautiful choice of life.

Bri deeply struggled with the thought of telling her pro-life family. Would they still love her when they discovered that she pursued abortion?

She still needed to receive greater medical training to pursue the job she wanted to have. What if her baby held her back?

Bri's boyfriend did not yet know about the life of his son. Could he handle the responsibility of fatherhood? Would he explode when she shared the news?

So many fears threatened to overwhelm the heart of this young mom.

Abortion would tell a woman that because she feels ill equipped for motherhood, the most responsible choice would be to “have a baby later” and “let this one go.” By His grace, we stand boldly against these deathly tactics. It is NEVER empowering to tell a woman that because she cannot handle her circumstances, she should sign the dotted line and escape her pregnancy today!

Women like Bri say no. It felt easier to her that day to pursue abortion; she wouldn’t have to tell her family, or boyfriend or have a new baby to care for, but she refused to do what felt easiest that day and made a decision that will change the corse of her life and save her son.

Today Bri texted me. “I am forever grateful that I changed my mind that day. So grateful. Of course now I can’t imagine my life without my little [son], even if it has been a difficult road on my own. But I am so happy. He is the light of my life.”

Over 61,000,000 children have died from abortion in our country alone. And the stat is over 1 billion worldwide!

Yet somehow this continues. When will we have enough? When will the advocates of death realize their activism has only lead to broken hearts and lives being violently ended?

Today I march for Bri and her son because they deserved better than abortion.

Today I march for my friend Corrine because she was almost aborted.

Today I march for William, who’s mom chose to end his life in the first trimester and refused to hear about options of life.

Today I march for one of my previous patients in the hospital who shared with me that her life began as a result of rape. Her mother attempted to end her unborn life with a coat hanger. Because this attempt failed, she continues to live today.

Today I march for Melissa Ohden and Gianna Jessen who both survived saline infused abortions years ago. That procedure was meant to permanently extinguish both your lives; instead, both your abortionists had to sign your birth certificates. Your lives are a reminder that VICTORY is always in its way.

Today I march for the million embryos locked away in bio freezers. You are not forgotten.

And to “L” “G” “J” and all our other ladies who boldly and bravely chose life in Grand Rapids over these past years, we march FOR YOU & WITH YOU. For all our post-abortive women, we stop with you and sense the sadness as we march the streets of DC in agreement that your little babies were so very valuable. We grieve with you and support you in love.

By His grace, we will not allow push back, anger from our critics, pro-choice resistance, or challenges of any other kind to stop our passionate pursuit to protect every unborn life.

This is only the beginning.

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