Confidence in Sidewalk Advocacy

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Our vlog from a few weeks ago discussed the important topic of being confident and secure in sidewalk ministry. Hear a few points of encouragement from our heart to yours!

May we be fully confident that we are here at the sidewalk for a purpose and that God is with us. We have nothing to fear; nothing in all creation can separate us from His love. And that includes while we're [...] at the sidewalk. Take heart in the truth that He is providing everything we need for life and godliness. He's going to give me grace to respond to a difficult pro-choice person. He's going to give me grace to engage with women who are facing so many different circumstances: the woman who's boyfriend is coercing her to have an abortion; the woman who really doesn't see any reason why not to have her abortion. [Through] all these different situations we may encounter, Jesus is with us. He first loved us; He first pursued our souls. Think about that. When I was one who spat in His face, He pursued me. Just remember that no one is too far away for our God to rescue.

Pray with expectancy as you go out on your sidewalk counseling day; "Today my God is able to rescue every single child." I often pray that the Lord would end abortion everywhere around the world, and [that] not one child would die anywhere in the world. Not just here, but that no child would die from abortion anywhere. 

Realize that you can never be too expectant.

So I'm praying: 
  • "Jesus, please stop the hands of the abortion doctor. May he be unable to preform abortions. May it effect his heart."
  • For the pro-choice activists to experience conviction. "If they're here, then they risk something, because I can pray for them by name."
Take heart. Be confident that if the Lord has lead you here [to sidewalk advocacy], you are supposed to be here!

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