Ireland, You Must Save the 8th

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Today Embryo Advocates has released the following video as a call to action for the Irish! On May 25th, 2018, Ireland will have a historic vote: to either protect the unborn and continue to give them a right to life, or legalize abortion. This is a pivotal event in our modern day; the results of this vote will greatly impact the lives of countless unborn children, men, women, and families at large. It will change the history of the nation of Ireland and the entire world forever. 

To my Irish friends, we must defend those who are at risk! Please hear my plea; my own grandmother (who was of Irish heritage) faced a difficult pregnancy while she was young, nine years before my country, the United States of America, legalized abortion. Because of her choice for life, not only was my dad and his twin spared from death, but I too was given the chance to live. This abortion debate is not a light matter. The way we respond to the uprising cultural movement of death will impact many lives and the generations to come. 

Be a VOICE today, Ireland. 

STAND for those who are at risk.

STEP OUTSIDE your comfort zone and go vote "No" so that the unborn may be saved from abortion in your country.

If you will not SPEAK UP for those who are at risk among you, who will?

{The message we share in the video}

There was a woman of Irish heritage living near Owosso, Michigan, facing circumstances that seemed to make her unsure of her own ability to raise the twins she was expecting. Things must have been very difficult; she was young and had much of her life ahead of her.

It was the year 1963. Her upcoming choice would affect every year thereafter of her life. Were her circumstances desirable for a child? How would she care for twins? Was she going to be all alone? Would her family support her? Was she prepared for motherhood? Could she really do this?

Likely taking these questions and many more with her, the young Irish woman made her way to the hospital. It was now February 1964. Taking a deep breath, she rested on a hospital bed; a great change about to happen.

Looking at her circumstances, many modern voices would say abortion would be the easiest escape for her. As a matter of fact, in Ireland, home to this woman’s ancestors, there is currently a passionate debate against the 8th amendment, a constitutional act that recognizes the equal right to life of the unborn and the mother, and therefore abortion is illegal.

Women are facing crisis pregnancies all over our world today, much like the young Irish woman. In the United States, abortion is legal. Has this law improved our country?

Sixty million children are not here today, in America, because we legalized abortion. To bring this statistic closer to home, that’s twelve and a half Irelands’ worth of people. Are we ok with our age, level of development, size, etc. being the determining factor of if we care about your life or not?

In other words, if you’re four weeks old, are you less valuable than someone who is 40 years old?

If you are in the womb instead if in elementary school, has your worth decreased?

If you a fourth of a pound, not 150ibs, are you then unworthy of being protected?

We know that it’s not our age, anything we can or cannot do that proves our worth. God’s Word shows us that He has always valued our lives. Jesus said in Matthew 18: “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven... “ Later He says, “it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.”

In the story I’ve been sharing with you about the young Irish woman, I so clearly see God’s hand of protection. It was still nine years from the legalization of abortion when the lady gave birth to two boys. She chose the loving choice of adoption.

One of those twins was my dad.

I am so grateful for my biological grandma, that even amidst difficult circumstance, she protected her sons. In so doing, my life and the lives of my three siblings were protected.

Abortion and life are choices that do not just affect one moment in history. It affects every generation to come. I would not be here today, had my grandmother aborted her twin sons. I am so thankful that she cared so deeply for her children that when she was unable to care for them herself, she chose to give them to a family that could raise them in a more stable environment.

This Irish woman chose life. And there are people who are alive in my family, going about day to day life, that would have never even seen day 1 of development in the womb, had my grandmother chosen to end the lives of her young children.

Every choice for life or death changes the world. I praise the Lord that my life was spared.

So Ireland, hear my cry today. This is coming from a woman who was born in a country that has found abortion to be acceptable for 43 years. ⅓ of my generation is dead because the supreme court of my country found children to only be valuable and worthy of protection after a certain stage of life. Please do not make the same grave mistake. Millions of women in this country are post-abortive, some of which I personally know and interact with. I tell you, many of their hearts are broken, and how they long for their babies. And there is love and forgiveness available to every one of them.

Defend those who are at risk. If you refuse to be a voice, more little lives will be ended. I dare say, some of those God intends to bless and fill your country with will not be there if the 8th is repealed.

Do you want to be in the place that I am in? Living in a culture that denies that children younger than 24 weeks are even worth of being treated like human beings? I tell you, this will come to your land if you do not protect the unborn and save the 8th.

Will you chose to step past you own comfort zone and sand in the gap for those who are unborn. If you’re seeing this video right now, your life has been spared from abortion. Will we sit comfortably, enjoying our nice lives, meanwhile ignoring the cries of desperation coming from those whose lives hang in the balance?

Ireland, you must save the 8th.