The Battle Cry & Call

Thursday, April 12, 2018

It happened yesterday. I was seated, talking with my new boss at Grand Rapids Right to Life. We were discussing logistics, when the researcher with Right to Life of Michigan stopped by our cubicle. He had one question:
“How many abortions happen at Heritage Clinic for Women per day?”

I explained that they do abortions Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and estimated, based on what I have been told, and what I’ve seen:

Wednesday: 10-15
Thursday: 10-15
Friday: 15-20

I added that Planned Parenthood on Cherry preforms abortions one day a week: Monday.

Monday: we don’t know how many. (It’s hard to estimate since the women who go to PP on Monday are there for a plethora of reasons, though Planned Parenthood has their national service percentage around 35% for abortions). Maybe 10+ per Monday?

They were just facts coming out of my mouth.

Later it became clearer to me. Every single time one woman chooses life for her baby at Heritage Clinic for Women, there are still 15-19 other babies that die that Friday.


Possibly nineteen children are dying every single time I sidewalk counsel? (And on the days no one has chosen life, twenty?)

Just right here in Grand Rapids. On one day.

The Burden

It’s an amazing part of our ministry to be able to celebrate life being saved. I assure you, there is nothing in the whole world like knowing a child’s life was spared from death, after coming so very close. A sense of overwhelming joy fulls me every time. The last time someone chose life, I literally jumped up and down.


We don’t usually post on Facebook: “Eighteen children died today.” Yet, this is the reality. Right here in front of us.

Friends, this is my plea. I am so grateful we can share the smiley face emojis sometimes, but, when we look at even the higher number of little lives being snuffed out, we see that the vast majority are still choosing.....d e a t h.

“There are those who don’t even have a voice to scream out. We, as the church, don’t have ears to hear them!... [This is] depraved indifference.” Eric Ludy 

Currently, we don’t even have enough sidewalk counselors to cover every day there are abortions at Heritage Clinic for Women.* No one covers Planned Parenthood of GR (though I’m working on changing that).

We’re talking about approximately SIXTY lives being horrifically ended in our town every single week.

Sixty babies who no longer have a heartbeat.

We’re talking about sixty moms who will go home without their baby this week. Sixty women who will be post-abortive; some who truly feel hopeless and alone.

We’re talking about sixty dads (some of whom may have never even known) that will never hold their child in their arms.

Grandparents, siblings, classmates, friends.

Every one of these children are wanted. Their parents may not want them, or may feel that they are unable to have the child for some other reason, but OUR GOD wants them.

Too often I take for granted the fact that my siblings and I are all here safely. My mother never wanted to end my life or Sean, Gabe, or Cami’s. That is now rare in our culture. 61,000,000 people did not have the luxury of protection and died from abortion.

{If it was a school shooting and not abortion, then the media might pay attention for five seconds.}


I don’t know about you, but when I heard of standing for life, it was kind of like.....
Yes, Jesus has truly given me a burden for this, but I’m too young. Who would want to be counseled by a teenager? Also, I am just not good at that type of thing; people have told me that I don’t have the personality for intense and sad things. OH or did I tell you about how my health doesn’t like me?

Do you see where this is going?

The moment we stand up, ready to go and advocate for the at-risk, the enemy says, “Now wait a minute! Aunt Barbra is coming over in three years, and you should really get ready, don’t you think? And did I mention, no one will listen to you anyway, and I know you don’t want God to be mocked, so just don’t go at all. God will take care of it. ”

If we know Jesus, we ought to be deeply burdened for the things that are breaking His heart

Jesus is the Advocate. He has rescued us from death. (If you’re reading this, realize that you have indeed survived the womb, and what an amazing thing that is). But not only has He spared us from physical death, but, for those who are in Christ, we are spared from eternal death. Not because we’re so awesome, but because He is worthy. He did not have to save us out of our sin; God was never forced to send Jesus; He chose to. And Jesus laid His life down for us. (Heb. 8:1-2, 6, 9:15, 24, 1 Tim. 2:5)

Now here we are, 21st century America, were children are are seen as social accessories and commodities, not souls.

After arriving home, I realized that one hour from the missions school I attended in Colorado, there is a late-term abortion clinic. Just down the road! And what did I do? Nothing.

How was I supposed to know that was there?

BECAUSE. It’s everywhere. Rather if you live in Grand Rapids, or even in the state of Michigan at all, abortion is happening. In all 50 states.

In the 1800s some women were swallowing poison to end their child’s life because it seemed best to them. This culture of death has been here a lot longer than we like to think.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

We don’t have to shrug our shoulders to what is happening.

There are TEN (give or take) active pro-life counselors that I work with. Hummmm, I just read on Wikipedia earlier today that the population of tiny Rockford is 5,000 people. I’d have to imagine at least 1,000 would profess to know Jesus (due to the size of churches around here).

1,000 Christians to 60 abortion a week?

How fast would abortion clinics be shutting down if all thousand were on their knees over this issue? How soon would Heritage Clinic for Women and Planned Parenthood be unable to keep its doors open if we selflessly served the women who were facing crisis pregnancies? What if we all had such a passion to share Christ’s love with the abortion employees that they could not stay one more day in the business of death?

Please do not forget the vulnerable of Grand Rapids. 60 this week.

Fifteen to twenty are on the death list for tomorrow. Will you do something? Will you pray? Will you allow Jesus to give you His heart for the at-risk?

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute" (Proverbs 31:8).

*There is a group of sidewalk counselors that has special access to the back parking lot. When I  refer to our lack of sidewalk counselors, I speak of those who stand out front, near the entrance. (The group I am with).